IMPORTANT NOTE: This software has been completely re-written for the FBC 2020 Code. This is a substantial change which is summarized in the video and information below.

Quickly Create Component and Cladding and Other Information Required in Chapter 16 of the 2020 Florida Building Code.

Please note that FBC is changing at the end of 2023 with new requirements that this software does not yet address.


“Thanks for the recent update to the Basic Building Generator Program.  I have found it amazingly simple to use and a great time saver.The embedded calculations save a great deal of effort in providing the calculations necessary to satisfy jurisdictional review. Thanks again for the wonderful product.”

  • This software was developed and perfected by Licensed Professionals for their own use. You can be certain of its applicability and value.
  • Over 600 units of this Software have been sold and are being used in design offices around the country.
  • This software generates the data required in Section 1603 of the Florida Building Code as well as the International Building Code including the design wind pressures to be used for exterior component and cladding materials.
  • Just provide a few simple answers about the project (most chosen from drop down menus) and the software develops all Required Basic Engineering Information in a ready-made table which is Copied and Pasted into the Construction Documents. This makes it simple to use, convenient and thorough requiring minimal effort on your part.
  • This software works for Fully Enclosed Structures up to 60 feet in height, regularly shaped;  all occupancy types.
  • The table Lists the Required Information (per 1603) in the Exact Order Given in the Code so plan-examiners can easily find it in one location. This helps assure them that you know and are complying with the new Code. This reduces the number of comments that you have to handle.
  • Choose from Tables of Standard Windows and Doors to Instantly Generate a Form Showing Specific Opening Sizes for your Project and Their Unique Design Pressures.
  • Additional Table Added to Calculate the Wind Pressures for Any Sized Opening Any Distance from a Corner.
  • As of Late 2017 we have suspended required registration for this program, greatly increasing its value. You are now able to place this Template anywhere on your computer desktop or even in a DropBox folder. This program can be accessed via a shortcut from any in-office or laptop computer with access to the DropBox. This is a very valuable change in policy.
“I just purchased your Wind Calculator plus and wanted to write you and let you know that I really like your software. I also looked at trying to find other software out there, but couldn’t find anything worth paying for. For the price of the software I feel that it is a real benefit to architects and I think that you have made the file so easy to use. So thank you for offering this.  You guys did a great job, and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know! Please keep updating it as the codes change and I will glady get the new versions as they come available. Thanks again….”
J. Brown, AIA
Here is what you will receive upon purchase:
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  • Upon payment you will immediately receive, by download, a zip file that contains your Product.
  • Please note that this product does NOT install on your computer. It is a template that works with your Excel Program to do what is described above. You may delete it at any time.
  • Please see our Software Licensing Agreement in the Footer below.
“Thank you so much. Your wind calculator is perfect. Thank you for  putting out a great product and the additions that you made. Great customer service!”
J. T.
Product Cost – $199.00


Windload Calculator Plus has been updated for the 2020 Florida Building Code
  • Fast – Saves You Hours  That You Can Devote to Other Matters
  • Accurate – Reduces the Time You Spend Reviewing
  • Performs the Difficult Calculations  – Eliminates Thumbing Through Tables and Code So You Can Do the Fun Stuff.
  • No Tedious Transcribing of Numbers – We Aren’t Getting Any Younger.
  • Places All Data in a Ready-Made Table –  Happy Reviewers Approve More Permits
  • Simple to Copy and then Paste the Tables into your CD’s – You’ll Smile Each Time You Do It.
  • Purchased and Being Used by 100’s of Design and Construction Professionals
  • Tried and Tested with many 1000’s of Successful Permits – We’ve Proven It Works.
  • Produced by Professionals Who Work in the Industry – We’re In This Together
  • Created for Engineers, Architects, Designers and Contractors. 
  • Please Note: The data generated satisfies reporting requirements in Chapter 16 of the the FBC  It is not meant for MWFRS analysis or as a substitute for Professional Engineering Services. 

“We have been using this software for quite some time. It handles a part of the construction plans that I always disliked having to do. Everything is covered in the table. Easy to Use.”
FPS Inc.

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